Sunday, May 23, 2010

Quick Update

I think I just finished the last bit of paperwork for our home study. The past few weeks have been spent taking 6 online courses that took about 2 hours each. We also finished our 173 page education workbook. As much as we hated writing out the answers to about 50-75 essay questions we felt we learned so much. I am looking forward to getting our home study approved and sent in. It will be one more thing to cross off the list. We just sent all of our checks from our fundraiser, and it feels amazing to know that we have a large chunk sitting there to cover upcoming costs. This gives us the chance to save up more for later. We continue to meet great people who have or are adopting. It is great to know that there is a large support system right here in Grand Rapids.

On another note:
My other three munchkins decided they wanted to jump into a 65 degree pool today. Maia obviously did not jump in but would have if I let her. It is going to be a busy summer by the pool with a 1 year old. They still talk often of their baby brother from Ethiopia. I heard Gabbie tell a friend of hers that she might marry her brother. She said she wasn't sure but that it might be who she marries. Alexa prayed for her baby brother tonight. I think of him often. What will he look like? Will he be healthy? Will he be a young infant or coming up into his toddler years? No matter the answers to these questions I know God will be faithful.

Thanks for checking in on us and supporting us.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ethiopian Cuisine

I decided I wanted to try some Ethiopian cuisine. Jason is a picky eater and was definitely not jumping at the adventure, but decided to go to make me happy. We have a few Ethiopian restaurants in Grand Rapids. This was news to me. I guess we feel we are being adventurous to try a new item on the menu at Logans. We did take the girls, which was not a good idea. They did not enjoy the food, much like their daddy. I myself enjoyed the experience, but was not a huge fan of using bread with every bite. Here are a few pictures of the food (sorry I took it after we ate). Jason and the girls liked the juice and the environment. The owner was from Ethiopia and was very interested in our adoption process. I would go back there just to speak with him.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Blessed and humbled

Our fundraiser is over!!! What a weight lifted off our shoulders. I left church tonight feeling humbled and so blessed. We had so many family and friends come out to support us. I am pretty sure the number was around 200 people. The food was great, the carnival was crazy, and God was present. It was just another confirmation that we are exactly where God wants us. It brought me back to the thoughts and doubts I had when we were first deciding to adopt. This is what I wrote in an older post,

"Although I had a naughty child last night, much of my night was spent stressing over our decision for adoption. All night long the devil was working on my thought process. My thoughts ranged from "Why do I would I want to risk my "happy life"?, What if this affects my three beautiful girls negatively?, What if we adopt this child and God takes him/her home early?, What do I do with a boy? What if it is hard and Jason regrets adopting?, What do I do if I struggle to bond with this child?, Will this child be accepted into an all white community?, Will we not be approved because of our finances?, Why us?, Will he/she ever feel apart of our family? and so on and so on. Now you can see why I was not sleeping well last night. During all of this anxiety I prayed and asked God to reveal his plan for us. What is HIS will for us in this adoption process."

I know God's will. He pretty much took my doubts and threw them out the window. Tonight, because of the generosity and love of family and friends we raised almost $10,000. OH MY WORD!!!!!!!! I did say $10,000. This is almost 1/2 of the amount of money it takes to adopt internationally. I never in my wildest dreams imagined this. I came home and spent time thanking God and just meditating on the fact that HE IS FAITHFUL!! God asked us to trust, follow, and obey. We did this, and look how He has answered. Thank you to all who have offered your help with money, prayers, and encouragement. The only way I can think of thanking you is to pass this blessing on to our son, and someday to another family who may be adopting. Our road is still long, but to know that we have amazing family and friends by our side is such a blessing. Our "little man" has no idea how much he is loved.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Added to the list of silent auction items...

Some items on the list will need to have a minimum bid in order to be purchased.

1. Weekend at Bear Lake- value $150
2. Trailer Rental- 30' trailer with 3 bunks, queen bed, couch, table, and much more- value $150-$300 depending on how long
3. Dainty Daisy items- value $30
4. This n That baby items- value $30 become a fan on facebook to see items
5. Photography packages
6. Dessert a month (Jan Boersma) I promise these will be delicious!!!!!
7. Grill set
8. Beautiful bookshelf value $100
9. $250.00 worth of services from Jack's Lawn Service and Snowplowing ( Could be for lawn cutting, fertilizer/weed control program, snowplowing or any other service they offer)
10.Hair cut and color from Experience Salon (Amber VanderVennen's salon) $70-$80 value
11. $50 gift card to AJ Pinder Salon
12. Deck powerwashing and staining or painting by Jason Boersma and Jeff Krosschell- value- $250-$500 depending on size of deck
13. 1/2 hour massage session, retail value $30.00 Natural Massage by Rhonda Doll
14. Gull Lake Cottage Rental- Sleeps 7-8 More info at fundraiser- value $150-$300
15. Boat ride around Gull Lake with appetizers and wine (approx. 2 hrs)
16. Fishing on Gull Lake (more details to follow)
17. 2 hour decorating consultation (by ME) see