Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Not so exciting update

I know it has been way too long since I have posted. Honestly there is not really anything new to update you on. The past month has been crazy with camping, VBS, Jason finishing up soccer, and adjusting to new summer routine. The most common questions lately? What do you do next with the adoption? Our next step is to do the dossier. The dossier is a collection of papers containing detailed information about a person. This is not as involved as the home study, yet still lots of running around to get things signed and notarized. I am beginning to get excited to get on the waiting list. Once we are on the waiting list we will be waiting to be referred a child. We will be waiting for a boy 12 months or younger. The waiting process from what I am told is the longest and hardest part of pre-adoption process. Please pray our last bit of paperwork comes together quickly and we can be put on the wait list by August. I will try to post pictures of camping soon.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Our social worker called me tonight to let me know that our Home Study was approved. This is music to my ears. Now we just have to wait for copies to be made, and then Jason and I can start applying for a few grants. Every step closer is so exciting. Thanks for praying.

Home Study Review

Our Home Study is in for review! Please pray it gets approved, because if it does not we may have to wait to send it in at the end of July. The person who reviews all of the Home Study packets is getting married and will be out of comission for most of June. I am so thankful for our social workers who have done a rush to get all of this in on time. Our goal is to get the rest of the paperwork finished and be on the wait list in August. From what I am told this is the hard part. The paperwork is still in our control, when we are put on the wait list, we just have to sit back and let it all take place. The only thing that will keep me from thinking about it too often will be that it is all in God's timing. He knows when it is best for us to receive a referral. He knows the child that has been chosen for us. I am so thankful to follow a God that is always in control, especially when we have none.