Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gotta Love Human Error

My previous post said that we were number 55, but our caseworker just emailed me and said they made mistake and forgot to take a couple families off the waitlist. We are now number:

Now we have moved 6 numbers. WOOHOOOOO!!!!

Courts have opened!

We are officially now number:

My husband is a huge Bears fan. We will see if he notices. I was excited to see that we had moved up 4 numbers. Only moving 1 number last month seemed a bit crazy, but 4 seems like a huge jump (even though it's really not). We also got an update that the wait time could be only 10 months now. They base the estimated wait time on those who have received referrals recently. It can change at any time.

We have not agreed on a name for our "little man". We have very few options, so if you have any names that you love feel free to share. I will do a family update soon with a few pictures. We are busy but feeling blessed everyday!