Thursday, September 15, 2011

September Number

We did get our email from our caseworker last night. I will admit I knew what number we were going to be because I found the blog of the family that is just before us on the wait list. They also want a 0-12 month. They received their numbers earlier this week so I pretty much knew we would be number:

It is crazy to think that we are now in the single digits!! Our caseworker will call us later this month to discuss the referral process. After 1 year and 6 months I never thought we would ever get to this point. Our girls still talk about him daily, and pray for him almost every night since we got on the wait list. We have his room all ready to go and Maia is now downstairs in a big girl bed. She still does not understand why "her" crib is in her brother's room. It was so fun to finally decorate a boy room.

On another note, I had the chance to meet with 8 other women who are either on the waiting list for adoption, or have just come home with their children. We met at 7:30 and did not leave the restaraunt until 10:30. It was such a God send!!! I needed to talk to other people who understand and know. I needed to hear the reality of the first few months, but also the blessings. I wish I could put into words what a blessing that night was to me. God knew just what I needed and connected me with one of these women back in May.

Now please pray as we near referral time that we will wait patiently for the Lord's plan.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

What Are You Waiting For?

"What Are You Waiting For?" That was the title of my devotions this morning. It was based off of Psalm 40:1-5. This is what it said,

We wait for everything. For the dryer to finish. For our husbands to get home. For the phone to ring. For the baby to wake. For the mail to come. For the car to pull up, returning our child safely home. For a job. For answers to prayer. With so much experience, we're remarkably unskilled at waiting well. Waiting seems to us a colossal waste of time. But the fact is that while we are waiting, God is working. To move us where he wants us to be. To readjust the lives of others so that his ultimate desires will be fulfilled. To bring about what will make us eventually Christlike, though not necessarily immediately comfortable. What are we waiting for? And more to the point, how well are you waiting for it?

I loved this! It is so true that my life is spent waiting for the next change in my life, or the next stage of kids, or things as trivial as stated above. Even though this adoption process has taken much longer than we anticipated, God knows the best time for us to bring our "little man" home. There are times when I am waiting patiently and enjoying our family life right now. However, there are also those times when I am annoyed and just wanting to get him home. I think both can be good, but I am thankful through our waiting, GOD is working.