Friday, November 5, 2010

November Number

Our new number is.........................


Sorry I could not get any images to load.

I am sure your jaw dropped as did mine. We moved 12 numbers in one month? HOLY COW!!!!! We are excited!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Family Update

Life is busy but good here in Boersma home. Jason is now done with his soccer season which means we get to have him home with us much more. We are so thankful that he is willing to coach in order to give our kids a Christian education. He is still very involved in Young Life, and will be doing "house projects" this winter while I have him home. I am still loving staying home, and am volunteering more at school.

Gabbie is still adjusting to life as a first grader, but loving the social life it brings. She just finished a great soccer season. Watching 6-7 year olds play soccer is just too cute!

Alexa is still home with me, but thinks she is in school. She asks to do homework everyday. I tell her she is going to school when we attend Bible Study at church, MOPS at a local church, and reading time at the library.

Maia continues to talk more and more, and loves being naughty. She may be Jason's payback for what he put his own parents through. She loves to play with dolls and watch her Elmo video. It is so great to see her little personality come through.

Church and school activities are in full swing and we are trying to figure out which areas need to give in order to protect our "family time". We have not decided on a name for our "little man", but we have agreed on a few options. We want the middle name to be his african name and the letter "J" (after daddy). If you have any great options that could work let us know. We are still in the waiting process of our adoption. I am peace with where we are right now. I love getting more one on one time with Maia, and know God's timing is best. Please continue to pray for those children who are still waiting for a home, or have been placed and are waiting to be united with their families.