Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Trusting in HIS plan

I know I have not kept up with updating everyone lately, but I think it is because I am so discouraged. We did get our new numbers for November, however it is not a new number. Our number is- 8. We did not move at all, in fact we may even be 9 because a family recently lost a referral. There have not been any referrals going out. I wish I could share the reason why, but I have no idea. I was so hoping we would have a picture of our "little guy" by Christmas, but no such luck. I know God knows what is best for us, but waiting is hard. I know I need to be patient and know God's timing is perfect, but waiting is hard.

Recently I had someone say, "What if this adoption doesn't happen?" I responded by saying, "IT WILL!" He responded with, "You don't know that." I responded by saying, "YES I DO!" He responded again with, "It might not. Then what?" I was a bit thrown back at his negative attitude. I did respond by saying, "Then I guess He has another reason for calling us to this journey." I left it at that and decided to drop the subject. I will admit recently with the lack of referrals, I have begun to wonder if it really will happen. Would God call us to this journey and not give us the gift of a child at the end? I do believe God knows best. I do believe He is going to take care of us. I do believe God is a loving and compassionate God. I DO BELIEVE WE WILL BE THE PROUD PARENTS OF A LITTLE BOY VERY SOON!